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Website databases vary greatly in function and complexity from collecting visitor's email addresses to store and retrieve thousands of transactions.

Dynamic website content and the fast and easy navigation and retrieval of web information will give the much needed competitive advantage that determines the success or failure of an e-business.

That said, it is imperative to analyze, design and develop a dynamic website to effectively meet the needs of each business and its customers. This requires a thorough understanding the business functions and designing the database to meet those needs.

If the design is well crafted from the point of initiation, it not only produces a faster and user-friendly database, but it also saves development time and unnecessary modifications by the end of the day.
BitraNet is engaged in providing Software Consultancy and Marketing Services. BitraNet carries its assignments at client sites or off-site. We serve Vertical markets like finance, advertising, inventory, marketing, management, etc. For Horizontal markets our services include Internet/Intranet applications like PHP, My SQL, ASP, ASP.NET, MS SQL 2000, Com/DCom, Java, Java Beans, Perl, JDK,etc.
arrow Web Site Management: Domain Name Registration, Design, Hosting, Authoring, Programming, Marketing and Support.
arrow Website development
arrow InterNet Business Applications Development.
arrow Web Enabling Client/Server Applications.
arrow Enabling E-Business and E-Commerce Solutions
arrow Travel/News portals
arrow Portal Development , Maintenance and Management
arrow Portal-Turnkey project Execution
arrow Flash website development
arrow Blogs/ Classifieds / Forums websites
arrow Videos / Events / Yellow Pages websites
arrow Real Estate websites
arrow Social Networking websites
arrow News Letter Management
arrow CMS (Content Management System) Based Websites
BitraNet specializes in developing dynamic website databases as part of large scale projects. We will listen to your needs and develop a website having an "Administration Module which works as a Back Bone for the website ", which will ensure that your business succeeds.

Our Designers & Programmers can produce a variety of reliable and efficient databases. This custom web database design, development and integration will represent a substantial part of the development time and costs for B2C and B2B websites.
For more details please visit   www.bitraportals.in
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